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    Fundamental Business Concepts Practice Test (Digital Download)
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    Fundamental Marketing Concepts Practice Test (Digital Download)
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    Concepts of Finance Practice Test (Digital Download)
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    Concepts of Entrepreneurship/Management Practice Test (Digital Download)
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    The A*S*K Business Institute Certification Exams provide third-party documentation of learning achievement as well as add value to completion of course work and other learning experiences. The optimal method for preparing for any A*S*K certification exam is to base curriculum and instruction on the National Standards for Business Administration, which are the basis for every MBA Research exam. Sometimes, however, simply adopting the same standards as the A*S*K exams is inadequate, especially if students suffer from test anxiety, are unfamiliar with the language and structure of MBA Research test items, or need extra help in getting ready to take an A*S*K exam. In those cases, using one or more A*S*K practice tests is beneficial.

    Each A*S*K practice test contains 50 multiple-choice items and is based on the same listing of performance indicators as the official A*S*K exam of the same name. A descriptive test key, including question sources and answer rationale, is also included. While it is unlikely that any A*S*K practice test items will appear on the official A*S*K exams, these items serve as a helpful preview of the kinds of questions that students will see when they sit for the official certification exam.

    For more detailed information on the A*S*K certification exams, visit the A*S*K Institute website. For exam specifications, including lists of performance indicators covered on each exam, click here.