• Format: DVD
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Copyright: 2014
  • Recommended for: HS/PS/AD
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Price: $99.95


    One of the most powerful tools at a job-seeker’s disposal is the career networking Web site LinkedIn. More than 200 million people have a professional presence on LinkedIn, and that number is growing every day. This program explains how to create an effective LinkedIn profile and use the site to connect with potential employers. Supplemented by tips from hiring managers and social media experts, the video also covers "building a brand," gaining introductions and developing a network, adding endorsements to a profile, finding unadvertised jobs, and more. Recommended as an important update to any career-search curriculum that wants to show why resumes alone are no longer enough. A Cambridge Educational/MotionMasters Coproduction. Click here for a preview clip.