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    Employers are looking for specific skills when they interview potential candidates. Some of these skills are desired for almost any position in the company - organizational skills, communication skills, and more. These skills, called transferable skills, are often acquired in school or at home. What are these skills? Do you have them? How does someone develop them? Learn from workers and the people that do the hiring at IBM, UC Berkeley, US Navy SEALs, and other organizations what skills they are looking for when hiring. This five-part series will help you identify transferable skills, which ones you currently possess, and how to feature yourself as a strong candidate for getting that job now - and in the future! 5 DVDs, 15-20 minutes each.

    Includes the following titles (also available individually):

    • Transferable Communication Skills
      Whether we like it or not, we are judged everyday by how we speak, write, listen and how we present ourselves to others. Employers want good listeners, people who can speak well, and write clearly. This DVD also reviews the difference between writing professional electronic messages with proper punctuation and spelling versus personal messages. Viewers will have a good understanding as to what transferable communication skills they possess and where they need to improve.
    • Transferable Organizational Skills
      The components of good organizational skills include time management, avoiding procrastination, managing paper clutter, calendars, and in today's world, electronic clutter. Since poor organization can lead to unnecessary stress, or worse (getting fired), identifying your strong organizational skills and which ones can use some work is critical to success. Get tips as to how to schedule, prioritize, set goals and meet deadlines.
    • Transferable Leadership Skills
      Leadership is mostly about behavior. Many people don't realize just how many leadership skills they already carry, as there are many characteristics that help define a leader. Leadership traits include honesty, confidence, inspirational, intelligent, good communicator, and team player. This DVD asks the viewer to do some introspection and think about what leadership skills they currently have, but maybe didn't realize it.
    • Transferable Problem Solving Skills
      The ability to problem solve is fundamental for career success, but too many of us would rather not deal with problems. Employers look for individuals that work on solutions. Learn how to be an effective, systematic and logical problem-solver. Young workers discuss how they've approached problems in their personal as well as work lives.
    • Transferable Soft Skills
      Being a team player is one of the things we learned in kindergarten, but it's also critical for the workplace. So is knowing how to make proper eye contact, shake hands, dress properly, arrive on time, avoid gossip, and many other personal qualities that we learn through life. People who are part of a family, have friends, or even participate in sports, already possess some important transferable soft skills. This DVD will help them identify their skills and have the opportunity to learn which ones they should develop.