• Format: DVD
  • Length: 43 minutes
  • Copyright: 2012
  • Recommended for: HS/PS
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    This two-part series explores ways in which the workplace can be made more enjoyable for employees, and hence more productive for the business as a whole. Focusing on communication skills and teamwork, the programs use dramatizations to illustrate concepts of sensitivity to diversity, and good coworker relationships. Viewable/printable worksheets are available online. 2-part series, 20–23 minutes each.

    Includes the following individual titles (also available individually):

    • Diversity in the Workplace
      In workplaces, as in any other part of society, people are diverse. They come from different cultures and may have different belief systems, values, and religions. There is also diversity in interpersonal styles, mental ability, sexual orientation, age, and ways of thinking and learning. Using dramatized scenarios, this program shows how a wide range of personnel can work together successfully. Topics covered include the scope of diversity, responding sensitively, knowing the guidelines, communicating appropriately, and building on diversity. Click here for a preview clip.

    • Workplace Relationships
      Daily life at just about any jobsite involves regular contact with colleagues. Having effective staff-member interaction is essential for an organization’s productivity and morale, and for individual job satisfaction. Using dramatized scenarios, this program investigates the workplace relationships among seven coworkers who are collaborating on a new system of customer service management. Topics covered include the role of communication in getting along with others, contributing to activities such as projects and meetings, and dealing effectively with conflict. Click here for a preview clip.