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    Use LAPs to help prepare your students for the A*S*K certification exams. This package of 44 LAPs and the associated PowerPoints includes those most relevant to the Fundamental Marketing Concepts exam. Since LAPs are based on the same industry validation research as the A*S*K exams, they make great review and study materials to help ensure that your students are prepared to earn their certification. Keep in mind, though, that LAP modules are NOT currently available to address every performance indicator covered on each A*S*K exam. Click here to learn more about A*S*K Institute.

    Each complete LAP module includes a student handout (with CopyIT! permission) as well as an instructor section featuring a comprehensive discussion guide, complete practice- (short-answer) and post-tests (multiple-choice) with descriptive keys, student activities, and more. Bring your discussions to life with the included PowerPoints featuring a broad range of graphics to help keep students interested.

    Titles included in this package (see individual catalog numbers for more information):

    • LAP-CM-001, Chart Your Channels (Channel Management), ©21 (formerly LAP-CM-002)
    • LAP-CM-003, Channel It (Channels of Distribution), revised, ©21
    • LAP-IM-001, Get the Facts Straight (Marketing-Information Management), ©22 (formerly LAP-IM-002)
    • LAP-IM-010, Seek and Find (Marketing Research), ©17 (formerly LAP-IM-005)
    • LAP-IM-012, Data Do It (Need for Marketing Data), revised, ©22
    • LAP-IM-184, Data Diving (Identifying Marketing Data), ©17 (formerly LAP-IM-011)
    • LAP-IM-281, What's the Source? (Obtaining Marketing-Research Data), ©19 (formerly LAP-IM-015)
    • LAP-IM-282, What’s the Problem? (Marketing Research Problems), ©17 (formerly LAP-IM-013)
    • LAP-IM-284, Better by Design (Marketing Research Designs), ©17 (formerly LAP-IM-014)
    • LAP-IM-285, Take Your Pick (Nature of Sampling Plans), ©19 (formerly LAP-IM-016)
    • LAP-IM-289, Hunting and Gathering (Data Collection Methods), ©21 (formerly LAP-IM-017)
    • LAP-MK-001, Work the Big Seven (Marketing Functions), ©17
    • LAP-MK-014, Cause and Effect (Business Behavior), ©19 (formerly LAP-MK-006)
    • LAP-MK-015, Act Now! (Employee Actions and Company Goals), ©19 (formerly LAP-MK-002)
    • LAP-MK-019, Just Do It...Right (Company Actions and Results), ©19 (formerly LAP-MK-003)
    • LAP-MK-901, Have It Your Way! (Nature of Marketing), ©22 (formerly LAP-MK-004)
    • LAP-MP-001, Pick the Mix (Nature of Marketing Strategies), ©22 (formerly LAP-MP-002)
    • LAP-MP-003, Have We Met? (Market Identification), ©18
    • LAP-MP-007, A Winning Plan (Nature of Marketing Plans), ©16 (formerly LAP-MP-001)
    • LAP-MP-013, Futurecast (The Nature of Sales Forecasts), ©21 (formerly LAP-MP-005)
    • LAP-PI-001, The Price Is Right (Nature of Pricing), ©20 (formerly LAP-PI-002)
    • LAP-PI-003, Make Cents (Factors Affecting Selling Price), ©16
    • LAP-PM-003, Mix and Match (The Nature of the Product Mix), revised, ©20
    • LAP-PM-004, Promises, Promises (Warranties and Guarantees), ©17
    • LAP-PM-007, Protect and Serve (Consumer Protection), revised, ©19
    • LAP-PM-008, Raise the Bar (Grades and Standards), ©17
    • LAP-PM-017, Serving Up Products (Nature of Product/Service Management), revised, ©20
    • LAP-PM-019, Getting Piece of Mind (Factors Used to Position Products/Services), ©14
    • LAP-PM-021, It's a Brand, Brand, Brand World! (Nature of Product Branding), ©21 (formerly LAP-PM-006)
    • LAP-PM-024, Get a Life (Cycle) (Product Life Cycles), ©19 (formerly LAP-PM-018)
    • LAP-PM-042, Getting Piece of Mind (Factors Used To Position Products/Services), ©19 (formerly LAP-PM-019)
    • LAP-PM-127, Unleash Your Mind (Techniques for Generating Product Ideas), ©17 (formerly LAP-PM-011)
    • LAP-PM-206, Corporate Identity (Nature of Corporate Branding), ©21 (formerly LAP-PM-020)
    • LAP-PR-001, Spread the Word (Nature of the Promotional Mix), ©17
    • LAP-PR-002, Razzle Dazzle (Nature of Promotion), ©16
    • LAP-PR-007, Ad-quipping Your Business (Types of Advertising Media), ©22 (formerly LAP-PR-003)
    • LAP-PR-902, Know Your Options (Product and Institutional Promotion), ©22 (formerly LAP-PR-004)
    • LAP-SE-017, Sell Away (The Nature and Scope of Selling), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-117)
    • LAP-SE-048, Set Your Sales (The Selling Process), ©17 (formerly LAP-SE-126)
    • LAP-SE-062, Get Informed (Acquiring Product Information for Use in Selling), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-131)
    • LAP-SE-076, Go Beyond the Sale (Customer Service in Selling), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-130)
    • LAP-SE-106, Keep It Real--In Sales (Legal and Ethical Considerations in Selling), ©21 (formerly LAP-SE-106)
    • LAP-SE-109, Find Features, Boost Benefits (Feature-Benefit Selling), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-113)
    • LAP-SE-828, Keep Them Loyal (Key Factors in Building Clientele), ©19 (formerly LAP-SE-115)
    • LAP-SE-932, Sell Right (Selling Process), ©19 (formerly LAP-SE-121)

    For online access to all current LAPs, plus additional material as it becomes available, see the MBA Learning Center. 300+ modules, including PowerPoints, at significantly lower cost.