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    LAP and PowerPoint Package (Digital Download)
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    LAP Package (Digital Download)
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    Use LAPs to help prepare your students for the A*S*K certification exams. This package of 68 LAPs includes those most relevant to the Fundamental Business Concepts exam. Since LAPs are based on the same industry validation research as the A*S*K exams, they make great review and study materials to help ensure that your students are prepared to earn their certification. Keep in mind, though, that LAP modules are NOT currently available to address every performance indicator covered on each A*S*K exam. Click here to learn more about A*S*K Institute.

    Each complete LAP module includes a student handout (with CopyIT! permission) as well as an instructor section featuring a comprehensive discussion guide, complete practice- (short-answer) and post-tests (multiple-choice) with descriptive keys, student activities, and more. The PowerPoint packages also include the associated PowerPoints for each LAP. Bring your discussions to life with software that includes a broad range of graphics to help keep students interested.

    Titles included in this package (see individual catalog numbers for more information):

    • LAP-BL-001, Own It Your Way (Types of Business Ownership), ©16
    • *LAP-BL-163, Laying Down the Law (Complying With the Spirit and Intent of Laws and Regulations), ©17
    • LAP-CR-001, Accentuate the Positive (Nature of Customer Relations), ©15
    • LAP-CR-004, Set Your Mind to It (Customer-Service Mindset), ©15
    • LAP-CR-006, Share the Promise (Identifying Brand Promise), ©16
    • LAP-CR-009, Making Mad Glad (Handling Difficult Customers), ©15 (formerly LAP-CR-003)
    • LAP-CR-010, Righting Wrongs (Handling Customer Complaints), ©15
    • LAP-EC-002, Risk Rewarded (Factors Affecting Profit), ©17
    • LAP-EC-003, Lose, Win, or Draw (Business Risk), ©13
    • LAP-EC-006, Are You Satisfied? (Economics and Economic Activities), ©16
    • LAP-EC-008, Ready, Set, Compete! (Competition), ©15
    • LAP-EC-010, Get the Goods on Goods and Services (Economic Goods and Services), ©15
    • LAP-EC-011, It's the Law (Supply and Demand), ©14
    • LAP-EC-012, When More Is Less (Functions of Prices), ©17
    • LAP-EC-013, Use It (Economic Utility), ©14
    • LAP-EC-014, Be Resourceful (Economic Resources), ©16
    • LAP-EC-015, People Power (The Private Enterprise System), ©14
    • LAP-EC-016, Regulate and Protect (Government and Business), ©15
    • LAP-EC-017, Who's the Boss? (Economic Systems), ©16
    • LAP-EC-018, Make the Most of It (Productivity), ©14
    • LAP-EC-019, Strictly Business (Business Activities), ©13
    • LAP-EC-070, Business Connections (Business and Society), ©15 (formerly LAP-EC-020)
    • *LAP-EI-007, Stop the Madness (Conflict Resolution in Business), revised, ©18
    • LAP-EI-009, You've Got Personality (Personality Traits in Business), ©14
    • *LAP-EI-016, Lead the Way (Concept of Leadership), ©16
    • *LAP-EI-022, Start the Revolution (Leading Change), ©18
    • *LAP-EI-023, Go With the Flow (Demonstrating Adaptability), ©18
    • *LAP-EI-027, High Hopes (Developing an Achievement Orientation), ©18 (formerly LAP-EI-010)
    • *LAP-EI-033, Getting To Know You (Cultural Sensitivity), ©18 (formerly LAP-EI-011)
    • *LAP-EI-037, Can You Relate? (Fostering Positive Working Relationships), ©16 (formerly LAP-EI-005)
    • *LAP-EI-041, Bring Out the Best (Coaching Others), ©18 (formerly LAP-EI-024)
    • *LAP-EI-045, Team Up (Participating as a Team Member), ©17
    • *LAP-EI-060, Vision Quest (Enlisting Others in Vision), ©18 (formerly LAP-EI-013)
    • *LAP-EI-063, Picture This! (Determining Personal Vision), ©17 (formerly LAP-QS-011)
    • *LAP-EI-123, Rules to Live By (Nature of Ethics), ©16
    • *LAP-EI-124, What's the Situation? (Reasons for Ethical Dilemmas), ©16
    • *LAP-EI-125, Make the Right Choice (Recognizing and Responding to Ethical Dilemmas), ©16
    • *LAP-EI-128, Trust in Me (Building Trust in Relationships), ©17
    • *LAP-EI-131, Be the Change (Nature of Ethical Leadership), ©17
    • *LAP-EI-132, Practice What You Preach (Modeling Ethical Behavior), ©18
    • *LAP-EI-134, Unfollow the Crowd (Challenging the Status Quo), ©18
    • *LAP-EI-136, Pick a Side (Considering Conflicting Viewpoints), ©18
    • LAP-FI-002, Give Credit Where Credit Is Due (Credit and Its Importance), ©17
    • LAP-FI-007, Money Matters (Role of Finance), ©14
    • LAP-FI-009, By the Numbers (The Need for Financial Information), ©14
    • LAP-FI-077, Invest for Success (Types of Investments), ©15
    • LAP-FI-085, Show Me the Money (Nature of Accounting), ©17 (formerly LAP-FI-005)
    • LAP-HR-035, People Pusher (Nature of Human Resources Management), ©15
    • LAP-MK-001, Work the Big Seven (Marketing Functions), ©17
    • LAP-MK-004, Have It Your Way! (Nature of Marketing), ©16
    • LAP-NF-004, TECH-tastic (Technology's Impact on Business), ©17
    • LAP-NF-110, In the Know (Nature of Information Management), ©16 (formerly LAP-NF-003)
    • LAP-OP-002, Buy Right (Purchasing), ©15
    • LAP-OP-017, Can You Make It? (Nature of Production), ©16 (formerly LAP-OP-004)
    • LAP-OP-189, Smooth Operations (Nature of Operations), ©16 (formerly LAP-OP-003)
    • *LAP-OP-519, Plan On It! (Planning Projects), ©18
    • *LAP-OP-520, Check Your (Project) Pulse (Monitoring Projects and Taking Corrective Actions), ©18
    • *LAP-OP-521, Making the Grade (Evaluating Project Success), ©18
    • LAP-PD-005, Brand ME! (Personal Appearance), ©13
    • LAP-PD-015, Go For It! (Careers in Business), ©14
    • *LAP-PD-016, Go for the Goal (Goal Setting), ©16
    • *LAP-PD-017, Weigh Your Options (Decision-Making), ©18 (formerly LAP-PD-010)
    • LAP-PD-066, Own Your Own (Career Opportunities in Entrepreneurship), ©16 (formerly LAP-PD-004)
    • *LAP-PD-077, No Problem (Demonstrating Problem-Solving Skills), ©16
    • *LAP-PD-126, Ideas in Action (Innovation Skills) ©18 (formerly LAP-PD-018)
    • *LAP-PD-250, Do You Follow? (Adhering to Company Protocols and Policies), ©18
    • *LAP-PD-251, Know the Code (Following Rules of Conduct), ©17
    • LAP-SM-003, Manage This! (Concept of Management), ©15

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    For online access to all current LAPs, plus additional material as it becomes available, see the MBA Learning Center. 300+ modules, including PowerPoints, at significantly lower cost.