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    LAP-FI-579, By the Numbers (The Need for Financial Information), ©20 (formerly LAP-FI-009)
  • LAP-HR-035, People Pusher (Nature of Human Resources Management), ©15
  • LAP-NF-004, TECH-tastic (Technology’s Impact on Business), ©17
  • LAP-NF-110, In the Know (Nature of Information Management), ©16 (formerly LAP-NF-003)
  • LAP-MK-004, Have It Your Way (Nature of Marketing), ©16
  • LAP-OP-189, Smooth Operations (Nature of Operations), ©16 (formerly LAP-OP-003)
  • LAP-PD-002, Brand Me (Personal Appearance), ©19 (formerly LAP-PD-005)
  • LAP-PD-025, Go For It! (Careers in Business), ©19 (formerly LAP-PD-015)
  • LAP-PD-252, Don't Cheat the Chain (Following Chain of Command), ©18
  • LAP-SM-003, Manage This! (Concept of Management), ©15
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